Homeless abuse survivor, mother shares heartbreaking, powerful story

80% of homelessness is related to domestic violence

SAN ANTONIO – It's a stunning statistic.

Eighty percent of homelessness is related to domestic violence, which is why local experts say the majority of the homeless are mothers and children.

A homeless abuse survivor in San Antonio reinforces that fact and is sharing her heartbreaking, yet powerful story.

She's still in hiding from the abusive father of her children, so for her safety, KSAT 12 News is not identifying her.

"I went on the run from my stalker in 2016. He made sure to take every vehicle, every piece of clothing. He stole everything from me. Though there is everything someone can possibly do to try to get a protective order, to try to get charges to stick, but those things did not help. Everything he's done, he's gotten away with," she said.

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Even being at the Battered Women and Children's Shelter and Haven for Hope terrified her because she was convinced he would find her.

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