Here’s how to keep you and your family safe as recalls skyrocket

More than a billion items were called just last year

ORLANDO, Fla. – The U.S. hit a record high in recalls in 2022. More than a billion items were recalled last year.

From dodgy designs to dangerous ingredients, experts agree there are more recalls. They also agree that’s because we are getting better at catching problems before they become fatal.

The top recall tracking websites were reported to help consumers catch their recalls.

First, check USA Today’s recalls database. It updates weekly and includes the latest recalls including consumer products, food, drugs, and automotives.

Tens of millions of cars and trucks were recalled last year. Three hundred different makes and models made the list. Consumer Reports have a car recall tracker. If you enter your make, model, and year, it will alert you if there is a problem.

When it comes to food, the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has email alerts you can sign up for to receive their recalls and safety notices. The key to staying safe is to take recalls seriously. It could save your life.

Also, check your grocery store’s shoppers’ card. Most have an opt-in program for recall alerts.

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