Not using your dining room? Here’s some ideas on how to turn it into something more useful

They can be changed into playrooms, or guest rooms if done right

If your dining room is gathering dust, you can think about turning it into a more useful room.

Angi Hicks, Chief Customer Officer and home expert at Angi, offers some creative options with what to do with the space.

“Dining rooms are formal by design, so that would make them perfect if you’re looking for a place to put a home office. You could add a desk and a chair in the corner and it will be perfect for being able to do work. If your dining room is open without doors, you might consider adding doors so you could have some privacy while you are working,” Hicks said.

Dining rooms can make excellent playrooms for families with young children.

Start by adding a soft rug, some chests for toys and some bookshelves filled with your kids’ favorite books.

Be sure that all of the furniture is childproof and attached to the wall to avoid any injuries.

And if if your dining room has a door, you can turn it into an extra bedroom or guest room.

This is a great option for growing families who don’t want to move, or for people who host a lot.

Just make sure to talk to your contractor about ways you can make the space feel more like a standard bedroom.

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