Videos show devastation on streets of Lahaina after deadly Hawaii wildfire

Residents were allowed access to certain areas during specified curfew hours

LAHAINA, Hawaii – Maui residents who have been allowed to return to the city of Lahaina following a deadly wildfire are sharing their experience walking through the historic city in the aftermath of the disaster.

Resident Jordan Mack Kaimikaua shared a video to Instagram of people walking past destroyed buildings in Lahaina, where the death toll has risen to 99 as of Tuesday, Aug. 15.

“This is Unreal. Still absolutely shook and unsure what to think or say. This beloved town has been such a stable to my life along with many of my good friends, To see it in ruins like this its gut wrenching,” Kaimikaua wrote. “Please if you are able to find anywhere that you can donate to do it. Or if you are on island and able get out there and lend a hand do that.”

Resident Ryan Carney also shared a video, which can be seen in the media player at the top of this article. He said he and his family had been living in Lahaina for the last 13 years.

“We raised our daughters here and have so many memories that a fire can not take away from us. I’ll miss all the pictures on our walls the most but while I still have my mind, I will remember them anyway,” Carney wrote.

“We did not have to run for our lives like some and we got out with our lives still intact which is not the case for many many… so don’t feel pity for us, we are in good spirits and just lost ‘stuff,’” he continued. “My heart goes out to the people of Maui who have lost their homes, loved ones, friends or family. Please continue to help those still in need and please be aware of where your donations are actually going.”

Following the fire, residents were allowed access to certain areas during specified curfew hours and could not go beyond barricaded areas without authorization.

The County of Maui posted an update Monday that said the 2,170-acre Lahaina fire is 85% contained, and multiple fire crews are assigned to monitor and address any flareups.

County officials said roughly 25% of the area has been searched, and names of victims will be released as families are notified.

Hawaii News Now reported on Monday that monetary donations are still needed. Officials encourage people who want to donate monetarily to check out the Hawaii Community Foundation and Maui Unitedway.

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