Complaint accuses Fair Oaks Ranch PD chief of intimidating officers, handing out prescription pills at department party

Chief Tim Moring on paid administrative leave, pending outcome of “confidential” internal investigation

FAIR OAKS RANCH, Texas – The chief of police of Fair Oaks Ranch has been placed on paid administrative leave while officials there investigate accusations that he intimidated officers at work and provided prescription Adderall pills to fellow officers while at an off-duty gathering.

A 14-page complaint obtained by KSAT, filed by a female Fair Oaks Ranch officer with six years of service for the department, accuses Chief Tim Moring of using intimidation and bullying to conceal his behavior from city administration in a series of incidents the past several years.

Moring has used “his ability to control, hinder, and dismiss all investigative accusations directed at him,” the complaint reads.

Moring is accused of slamming his hands on his desk, knocking over items, during a meeting with the female officer in his office last month, the complaint states.

“I am not going to put up with your piss a** attitude or gender claiming bullsh** anymore!” Moring told the officer, according to her complaint.

She wrote that she left the office “crying and very frightened.”

She also wrote that Moring has repeatedly thrown items, including soda bottles and ketchup packets, against the walls of the department’s patrol room and kitchen area while irate.

“If you examine our patrol room and kitchen area and examine closely you will observe dried substances on certain walls—specifically the wall near the white refrigerator,” the complaint reads.

Complaint accuses Moring of providing officers prescription Adderall at 2019 party

The complaint also includes a detailed narrative from a November 2019 retirement party for the department’s former chief, in which Moring was accused of providing prescription Adderall pills to a city animal control officer and a police officer.

Moring placed a pill in each of the officers’ hands after pulling a prescription bottle from his rear pocket, the complaint states.

The complaint includes photos of partygoers from the gathering in question as well as stock images of 15 mg Adderall pills.

“I could immediately confirm through training and experience that the pills were 15 mg of Adderall pills,” the complaining officer wrote.

Adderall is a stimulant and a controlled substance.

The complaint states that 20-30 minutes after ingesting the pills, both officers began displaying nervousness, sweating and dry mouths.

“Quit being a pu***, it’s not a big deal! You will be fine, don’t be a bit**!” Moring told one of the officers who had also consumed alcohol and stated he felt like he was going to have a heart attack, according to the complaint.

At work the following week one of the officers accused of taking the pill stated his heart was racing and he thought he was going to have a heart attack and was unable to sleep the night of the party, according to the complaint.

The complaint also states that Moring previously provided Adderall pills to a fellow officer in exchange for Ambien, the trade name for a prescription sleep medication.

KSAT could find no record that Moring has been criminally charged in connection with the officer’s complaint.

Moring did not respond to a phone call and text message sent to his publicly listed number Tuesday.

Fair Oaks Ranch Interim City Manager Scott Huizenga, who confirmed via email Moring was placed on administrative leave, did not provide a timeline for the completion of the “internal investigation, which is ongoing and confidential.”

Moring’s past behavior at work is also part of an ongoing employment lawsuit filed by a former Fair Oaks Ranch police investigator terminated in 2020 after officials said the investigator angrily confronted a fellow city employee outside City Hall.

Personnel records for former investigator Richard Davila reveal significant infighting within the small department, which lies between San Antonio and Boerne.

In June 2020, after he was injured on the job, Davila was asked to inventory the department’s property and evidence room.

After Davila told Moring he was injured, he claims Moring told him, “Then you are useless, get the f*** out of here!”

Moring, in a statement refuting Davila’s account of what happened, said that Davila had called himself “useless” after being asked to inventory the property room.

Moring responded that if Davila was useless then why was he at work, according to his statement about what took place.

Moring added that Davila launched into a tirade about his treatment at work and that he heard Davila shout at another supervisor that Moring treated people like (expletive).

Multiple other officers provided statements refuting Davila’s account of the confrontation, claiming that he was the one who cursed.

One sergeant described Davila as “out of line and unprofessional,” records show.

Davila’s personnel file also details past allegations he made regarding the handling of evidence in the property room.

Davila, in a written complaint, said another officer once took seized drugs from the property room from current criminal cases and gave them to a canine officer for training.

Davila also claimed that jewelry and drugs had disappeared from police custody without proper maintenance, records show.

In June 2019, records show Davila was passed up for a promotion to sergeant and then weeks later filed a records request for paperwork related to the selection process.

In July 2019, Davila accused Moring, when he was a lieutenant, of unholstering his firearm months earlier, in early May 2019, and pointing it at another officer.

Months later, Davila was informed that his complaint against Moring had been rejected by both the Texas Rangers and Bexar County District Attorney’s Office and would also be closed internally.

Davila filed suit against Fair Oaks Ranch for wrongful termination in late March 2021.

Reached for comment Tuesday, Davila told KSAT the suit speaks for itself.

The case is set for trial in Bexar County civil court in February 2024, docket records show.

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