Man wanted for questioning after violent road altercation in Leon Valley

Leon Valley police believe man accused of shooting another could have acted in self-defense

LEON VALLEY, TEXAS – A violent altercation between two men continues to be investigated by Leon Valley police.

One man was shot twice at the intersection of Grissom and Shadow Mist roads on Dec. 7. But police are unsure which man is at fault.

“At what point do they flip from being a victim to a suspect or a suspect to a victim,” said Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio.

Salvaggio said the two men had an argument in a parking lot that continued onto the road.

“Some racial slurs were exchanged and then the chase began,” Salvaggio said.

Surveillance video from the intersection showed two cars pulling off to the side. The man originally believed to be the victim was shot twice.

Salvaggio said it’s possible the injured man could be at fault and the gunman may have acted in self-defense.

“The suspect could easily turn into the victim since he was the one who was originally being approached,” Salvaggio said.

Police are still searching for the gunman who left in a white SUV.

Salvaggio said multiple shots were fired, which could have put other drivers in harm’s way.

“There’s all kinds of things that could have happened that make this even worse than it was,” he said.

Police have been in contact with the man who was shot, but they said its unclear who will face charges.

They said the gunman was seen traveling with a woman and small child. Contact Leon Valley police at 210-684-1391 if you have any information.