Ferrari of San Antonio employee crashed couple’s $240K sports car while taking it out on a joyride, lawsuit alleges

Couple accuses dealership of profiting off crash

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio couple is suing a local dealership after a worker allegedly took their Ferrari for a spin and totaled it.

Ryad and Diana Bakalem filed a lawsuit against Ferrari of San Antonio on Jan. 7, roughly six months after the couple agreed to sell their 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider through the dealership on consignment.

According to the court documents, the couple and the dealership originally agreed to list the car for $239,900.

Three months later, an employee drove the car to “hot-rod” around San Antonio and “these actions resulted in the vehicle being wrecked and totaled,” the couple’s attorney wrote in the lawsuit.

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Rather than informing them of the crash, the couple alleges the dealership reached out to them telling them that a client offered to buy the car for $220,000.

The client turned out to be the Ferrari dealership, according to the lawsuit, which also alleged employees at the dealership “would continually pressure” the couple into taking the deal over the next few days.

The couple claims it was only after they agreed to sell the car on Nov. 29, 2019 that the dealership notified them of the crash. The couple is accusing the dealership of concealing the details to make the sale and keep the commission money.

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The dealership’s general manager refuted the couple’s version of events, according to the Express-News.

General Manager Grenville Lewis told the newspaper there was a prospective buyer for the car before it was wrecked and that the dealership stepped in to complete the purchase for the price the couple had previously agreed on.

The case is filed in the 224th District Court.