Lioness at San Antonio Zoo predicts winner of the Super Bowl

SAN ANTONIO – The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and everyone is making their predictions for the outcome of the big game, including some animals at the San Antonio Zoo.

A 4-year-old lioness at the zoo was ready to make her pick this morning.

She had to choose between two boxes: one for the San Francisco 49ers and the other with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the end, she picked the Chiefs to take it all.

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The San Antonio Zoo says while the events are fun, they also serve another purpose.

“It’s so we can give them enrichment,” Jessica Adam, senior animal care specialist, said, adding that the boxes were scented.

The 49ers and the Chiefs will go head-to-head Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

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Priscilla Ayala is a news producer at KSAT 12.

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