Bexar County residents worry someone at home will contract COVID-19, Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report says

Poll reveals emotional toll coronovirus pandemic is having on San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – The biggest worry that Bexar County residents have about COVID-19 is not necessarily getting infected themselves, but that a loved one will.

The latest Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll shows that the biggest concern 59% of residents have is that someone in the home will come down with the virus.

The next biggest concern, according to the poll, is losing their job or income.

Bexar Facts Poll Biggest Concern (KSAT)

One of the things that comes up in the poll is the lack of the ability to control what’s going on around us, which causes people severe anxiety, frustration, depression and other kinds of symptoms.

There’s a gamut of emotions, too. The poll said 15% of residents split their time between feeling grateful and feeling anxious.

“I think that they’re probably an equal number of people who are worried versus those who think, I’m going get through this. We’re going all get through this and life is going to on. This, too, will pass,” said Dr. Harry Croft, a San Antonio psychiatrist.

Respondents to the poll agree, saying that the medical and scientific community will have the coronavirus under control in three to 12 months, but admit that the economy might not bounce back that fast.

Bexar Facts What People Are Looking Forward To (KSAT)

When asked what residents are looking forward doing the most when we have a more normal lifestyle, 26% percent said socializing again with friends and family, followed by 14% saying they want to eat out, 11% looking forward to working out, going back to at 10% and 7% attending religious services.

The poll was conducted from April 16-20 by phone and internet. It includes responses from 668 registered Bexar County voters of different income and education levels, race, age, gender and political party affiliation. Four out of five respondents answered in English, while one out of five answered in Spanish. The poll’s margin of error is 4%.

Didn’t get called for the poll, but still want to have your voice heard? Take the poll, via Bexar Facts, here.”

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