San Antonio seniors surprised with $100 bill during food giveaway

The first 100 seniors in line got a $100 bill, courtesy of a local philanthropist

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio philanthropist gave away $10,000 to seniors in need.

Kym Rapier had already donated a million dollars to feeding the hungry at Blessed Angels Community Center during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday, Rapier distributed $100 bills to the first 100 seniors in line for the weekly emergency food giveaway, no questions asked.

“I want to change the world,” Rapier said.

Marion Thomas, who runs the food pantry and community center, said seniors carry the biggest burden during the COVID-19 pandemic. “These seniors are hurting,” Thomas said. “They have to make the choices daily of ‘should I buy food?’.”

More than 300 families at the giveaway received a trunkload of food, diapers and even pet food.

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