King’s Compassion on a mission to help vulnerable seniors

Volunteers repairing seventh home; caregiver calls it ‘very big blessing’

San Antonio Christian nonprofit on a mission to help vulnerable seniors
San Antonio Christian nonprofit on a mission to help vulnerable seniors

SAN ANTONIO – Even as the humidity climbed, volunteers with King’s Compassion, a Christian nonprofit, kept scraping and sanding the exterior of a longtime Westside home of an elderly woman.

“A very big blessing for us. Of course, my sister doesn’t know anything about it,” said Margaret Contreras, who is also the caregiver for her sister with dementia.

Nonprofit fixing up local woman’s home

Rosa Reyes, co-founder of King’s Compassion, said this is the seventh home volunteers have repaired.

Along with delivering groceries and other necessities, as well as running errands, Reyes said volunteers enjoy rehabilitating houses.

After each one was completed, she said, "Our faithful volunteers were calling and wanted to see are we doing it again."

Although their ministry also helps the homeless, Reyes said, the elderly are “the most forgotten and abandoned population.”

She said they do it "to let these elderly know that they're loved, that they're not forgotten and that we want to try to meet their needs."

Reyes said King’s Compassion looks for the neediest residents who are at least 70-years-old and live in high-poverty ZIP codes.

Watching volunteers hard at work despite the hot, muggy weather, Contreras said, “it’s just part of the faith we have that the good Lord provides.”

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