Beware of these tricks employers use during job interviews

Experts say your interview may start before you know it

With the new year right around the corner, now may be the time many will be looking for a new career.

Keep in mind that your job interview may start before you even know it.

There are several tricks employers sometimes use to make sure you’re the right candidate for the job.

First: The Coffee Trick.

According to an article posted on, during the interview if you are asked and get a cup of coffee from the company’s break room or kitchen, make sure to try to put it back and/or offer to clean it. A lot of times this can be a test to see if you will be a responsible person. Employers feel if you can be attentive and thoughtful about small things, they can trust you with bigger things.

Next, be aware of the ‘Drop the Pen’ trick:

Similar to the coffee trick, this is a test of your character. During the interview, the employer may “accidentally”, but quite on purpose, drop a pen on the floor. If the person picks it up quickly, they pass the test. The reasoning behind it is, lots of people can put up a front and look charming, but it’s what happens in unexpected moments that define a person’s character.

Finally, be aware of the Receptionist Test.

Sometimes your interview begins as soon as you walk into the door. The receptionist can often be asked about your personality, and how you treat every member of the staff can affect if you get the job or not. Some managers have even been known to pretend to be the receptionist for the purposes of getting to know you better. So always be aware of your attitude and extend your courtesy to every person you meet.

Keeping these tricks in mind can not only improve your interviewing skills, they can make you seem more friendly, and help you stand out in your interview.

About the Authors:

David Sears, a native San Antonian, has been at KSAT for more than 20 years.