New small business, holistic center in Universal City honors Air Force veteran who died from breast cancer

Red Feather Healing offers an array of products for spiritual healing

UNIVERSAL CITY – A family in Universal City is carrying on the legacy of spiritual healing to honor their late daughter, Tabatha Dexter.

Parents Jerri and Robert Dexter recently celebrated the grand opening of Red Feather Healing, a small business that offers products including pendulums, gemstones, crystals, sage and smudge tools.

Tabatha began the business as a pop-up shop but according to her parents, a brick and mortar was always her goal.

“The store is in honor of our daughter Tabatha that passed away in August of 2019 of breast cancer,” Robert said.

Tabatha, an Air Force veteran and Norse Shaman, battled with breast cancer twice. It was during her first round with cancer that she found strength in the wonders of Mother Nature after visiting a bird rescue in Missouri.

“When she had her reconstruction surgery (after her double mastectomy), she went out to Wings of Love in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and they took her in like she was one of the family,” Jerri said. “She would hold (the birds) on her hand and walk the farm with them. That was part of her healing.”

For Norse Shamans, the red feather is a symbol for healing.

“Shamans usually have it in in their headdresses,” Jerri said.

Her belief in the power of feathers and natural healing helped Tabatha in her battle with breast cancer.

“When she was at the VA Hospital, her room was just decked out with salt lamps, gemstones, essential oils and diffusers,” Robert said.

Tabatha died after her second battle with breast cancer. Robert and Jerri say they inherited her daughter’s deep belief in spirituality which ultimately lead them to opening a brick and mortar store in September of 2019.

The store features similar products that helped Tabatha and are made by local vendors. In its short existence, it’s become a healing center and place of opportunity for the family, vendors and customers who visit.

“We wanted (Red Feather Healing) to feel like home,” Jerri said.

Other services including spirit guides, home blessings, Chakra balancing and auto photos are offered at the holistic center.

Through their products, Tabatha’s parents want to help others battling illnesses or their caretakers find healing at a soul level.

“There’s always a possibility that you can’t save them, but the one thing you can do is honor them,” Robert said.

Red Feather Healing is located at 2041 Universal City Blvd, Universal City, and is open seven days a week. For store hours, visit the business’ official Facebook page.

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