May 1, 2021 Election Results: Proposition B in San Antonio narrowly defeated

Voters will decide whether to repeal right for San Antonio police union to collectively bargain with city

SAN ANTONIO – The most contentious item in this year’s city election came down to the wire on Saturday night as the controversial Proposition B was defeated by a little more than two percentage points.

With all 243 voting centers reporting, the final tally was 51% against Prop B compared to 49% that voted for the measure, according to final results from the Bexar County Elections Department.

Prop B was arguably the most high profile item on the ballot. More than 104,000 votes were cast during the early voting period. A total of 150,087 were cast for the measure, which was more total votes than the mayoral race.

Voters who opposed the measure held a 51 to 49 percent edge when early voting results were released after 7 p.m. Saturday.

At one point during the evening, the margin tightened to 50.7 percent against and 49.3 percent for the proposition, but it ultimately did not pass.

The proposition was put on this year’s ballot after an activist group called Fix SAPD gathered more than 20,000 signatures during an aggressive campaign.

The group wanted more accountability and police reform within San Antonio police.

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