KSAT Q&A: Dr. Berggren discusses effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against other variants

Dr. Berggren also says elderly people should still be careful in crowds, wear masks in doctor’s offices

Dr. Ruth Berggren talks about whether residents will need to get a COVID-19 booster shot.

SAN ANTONIO – Dr. Ruth Berggren, of the Long School of Medicine at UT Health San Antonio, joins KSAT Q&A to discuss the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines against other variants.

The following are a few takeaways from the conversation on Thursday night.

  • Dr. Berggren doesn’t want people to wait for an incentive to get vaccinated. She said the benefits of the vaccines to your health should be enough.
  • Elderly people should still be careful in crowds, even if they’re vaccinated, and everyone should wear a mask in a doctor’s office.
  • The India variant is more infectious than previous strains of COVID-19. It has been detected in the United States, but vaccines have been shown to be effective against the variant.

Watch what Dr. Berggren said in the video player above.