What’s Up South Texas!: BCSO deputy by day, lucha libre luchador by night

Deputy Roger Musquiz has been passionate about Lucha Libre since he was a boy watching his family wrestle

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County sheriff’s deputy is not letting his day job stop him from following his passion as a lucha libre luchador.

Roger Musquiz, 54, has been at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years.

He’s been known as Lemus Dos since 1986 when he broke into the family tradition.

“I would go to Mexico when I was kid and my uncle would tell me to come along with him to his lucha libre events,” Musquiz said. “I would see the older luchadores and they were always positive. ‘Hey, don’t do this or that. Stay in school stay out of trouble. Yessir, no sir. Please, be respectful.’ I really liked that. It was a family thing.”

After joining the craft, he had a very important conversation with his father.

“My father was like, ‘I liked it, you looked good but what happens if you get hurt?’”

Musquiz then joined the Navy, and afterwards, joined the BCSO.

“Moving from active duty to the civilian world and dealing with a different animal in Bexar County jail is not easy. It is hard,” he said. “It is hard transitioning from being in military to doing something else. Lucha libre has always been my escape. It has kept me out of trouble, and I met people from all over. It has been great.”

Though he is a good guy by day, Musquiz plays the role of the bad guy during his wrestling events.

“They hate me and yell and scream and I cheat to win, and I tell the crowd to, ‘SHUT YOUR MOUTH!’ It’s just entertainment,” he said. “When I come out, it is like, ‘Boooo’ and ‘You’re a loser!’ That is it. That is all I need. After that, I am in my element.”

Musquiz has a bubbly personality but said it is easy for him to snap back into his rude personality for entertainment.

“I say, ‘Thank you God for the day,’” he said. “I go home and get ready for work tomorrow. You best believe I am at work the next day, beat up and banged up.”

Whether he is serving during the day in uniform or a crowd at night in a mask, Musquiz inspires others to be their best selves in life.

“Be happy,” he laughed. “God gave you today because you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.”

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