Castle Hills police recover stolen IDs, urge residents to check for identity theft

Valuable baseball cards, drugs, jewelry and identification documents were among the stolen items recovered

CASTLE HILLS, Texas – A traffic stop in Castle Hills that resulted in the recovery of several stolen identification documents has prompted the city’s police department to warn residents about protecting themselves from identity theft.

Officer Jose Morales said he was trying to stop a driver going 60 mph in a 35 mph lane on West Avenue.

“What he was doing that really got my attention was as soon as I got behind him at the red light, he was moving around a lot, reaching in the passenger side floorboard area and then the driver side door,” Morales said. “They are called ‘furtive movements.’”

Morales said he noticed a weapon, drugs, drug paraphernalia and several backpacks and purses inside the car during the stop. He said there were also burglary tools.

“A lot of identifying documents, licenses, passports, checkbooks and also some birth certificates and car titles,” Morales said.

After the arrest, the police department took to Facebook, urging residents to check over their belongings, including credit reports, bills and other digital items, to ensure their identity has not been stolen.

The Federal Trade Commission lists several ways to see if you’re a victim of identity theft.

Officials said if that is the case, you are urged to contact your bank or card provider and close those accounts. If your IDs have been stolen, replace them as soon as possible.

Call Castle Hills Police if you believe you’re a victim of this crime.

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