Here’s how a summertime clean up can make a home sparkle again

It’s better to take the time now to address AC, gutters than wait for them to fail

As spring showers settle and the heat of the summer starts to creep in, it’s time to get our homes prepared for a new season.

Early summer is a great time to check a few things off the list and get your home back in its best working order. Sometimes just deciding where to start can be the hardest part.

Bailey Carson, a home expert at Angi, says homes can always be refreshed.

“Just like our wardrobes, our home can use a summer refresh too,” Carson said. “Start with some simple maintenance projects. Before it gets too hot outside, think about getting that AC unit inspected, and make sure to have the filters changed, too.”

It’s better to take the time now to address any hidden issues that may affect how well your air conditioner functions, rather than waiting until you’re deep within the heat of the later summer months.

When it comes to AC, it’s always worth investing in preventative maintenance, so you don’t get stuck dealing with emergency repairs.

Carson says, next up, look at your gutters.

“With all the spring rain, your gutters have probably been working overtime, give them some TLC,” she said.

She said to start with a good cleaning.

“Then, look for areas of sagging to make sure that there’s no damage. Be sure to check those downspouts for clogs, and get it all straight before the summer season. Next, head inside and start tackling the areas of your home that need a visual refresh,” Carson said.

Swap out the throw pillows on your chairs and couches for warmer colored ones with lighter fabrics or consider a complete room makeover to really brighten up the space.

And don’t forget an overall deep clean. Give all your surfaces, shelves and decor a thorough wipe down, and consider re-arranging some things to provide a new look and feel to your space.

“After the winter with salt tracking in and the spring rains tracking mud in, your carpets are probably in need of a good cleaning. This is a great job to bring in a pro and get the job done before the start of the summer season,” Carson said.

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