Baptist Health System hospitals in San Antonio see increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in younger adults

Breakthrough COVID-19 cases occuring but symptoms are less severe

SAN ANTONIO – Local hospitals are seeing an increase in hospitalizations for COVID-19 in younger adults.

Hospitals leaders said most of these patients have not been vaccinated.

“All of our facilities are seeing COVID patients and taking appropriate precautions in order to protect patients as well as staff and family members,” said Dr. Lynette Watkins, chief medical officer for Baptist Health System.

Watkins said hospital officials have been seeing adults in their 20′s and 30′s getting sick and most of them are not vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccinations by age group in Bexar County (Bexar County)

“We realize that vaccination rates have slowed in our community and really across the country and that we’re seeing more cases,” Watkins said.

Even people who are vaccinated have tested positive for COVID-19, including comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Iglesias announced Thursday that he tested positive for COVID-19 and canceled the rest of his performances in San Antonio. Iglesias said he’s had body aches and chills, but otherwise feels pretty good.

Watkins said there are hospitalized patients who are vaccinated and have COVID-19, but it’s a small percentage. She said their symptoms are very different from those who are not vaccinated.

“The ones that are vaccinated and have to be hospitalized for primarily milder presentations, they’re not necessarily in the intensive care unit. They’re not necessarily requiring more close monitoring or oxygenation or supplemental oxygenation,” Watkins said.

Watkins said the message is clear.

“Vaccinate for yourselves, for your families, your friends and your community,” she said.

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