Castle Hills Police Department dashcam videos aim to show ‘transparency’ and keep drivers alert

Department is releasing videos on social media to show community different encounters they face

CASTLE HILLS, Texas – The Castle Hills Police Department is always vigilant but a new mission is transparency. CHPD has been releasing dashcam video of some of their dangerous encounters on the roadways.

Some of the issues seen in the videos show stalls, crashes, and even high-speed chases. Sgt. Ronald Singleton said that CHPD is just one of a few law enforcement agencies in Bexar County that pursues vehicles.

According to CHPD there have been approximately 64 evading cases since the start of this year.

“Most of our pursuits as you’ve seen, generally occur at nighttime and that’s due to the low volume of traffic that is on the highway,” he said.

However, he said each situation is different and it’s up to each officer to make the right call.

Singleton said distracted drivers can also be a problem. He asks they remain considerate of the men and women in blue who work to keep the roads safe.

“Just like any other time you see a an emergency vehicle coming down the roadway you move over to the right side and let them pass,” Singleton said.

Singleton said that CHPD plan to add a traffic division to expand their safety efforts in the near future.

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