BAMC trauma nurse hailed hero for saving toddler after car crashed into family’s home

‘I believe any of the nurses I work with would have done the same,’ Sharon Acker says

Police lights. (KPRC/File)

SAN ANTONIO – A toddler was rescued after a car crashed into her family’s home in the middle of the night, all thanks to an off-duty Brooke Army Medical Center trauma nurse.

The incident happened just a little after 11 p.m., on Oct. 7, when Sharon Acker was on her way home from work. Acker was just a few blocks away from her neighbor’s home when she came upon the scene, according to BAMC officials.

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“The car had crashed into my neighbor’s house and it appeared as though it had just happened,” Acker said in a news release. “There was nobody outside, so I got out to check to see if there was anyone in the car.”

The car had no one inside, and after knocking on the door of the home, Acker said she received no answer. She then called 911.

The dispatcher reportedly told Acker to stay outside of the home until police arrived, as the structure might not be safe. But after hearing a child’s voice from inside, she decided to crawl through to check on her.

“The intrusion from the car had pushed brick and glass onto her bed,” she explained. “I picked her up and then the (officer) came through a moment after me. The bed had been pushed up against the door, and she wouldn’t have been able to get out.”

San Antonio police arrived minutes later and with the help of Acker, they were able to get the child out of the home. As police went to find the homeowners, Acker said she stayed with the young girl until an ambulance arrived.

“She had blood on her face and I assessed her for injuries while waiting on an ambulance,” Acker said. “I stayed with her in the ambulance until her dad came to her side.”

The girl’s father told officials he had fallen asleep with his headphones on and had never heard the crash.

Acker said despite her quick jump into action, she doesn’t consider herself a hero.

“I would hope that anybody who pulled up on that scene would have stopped to help,” she said. “I can’t imagine not doing that. I believe any of the nurses I work with would have done the same.”

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