Republican National Committee opens community center in San Antonio to attract more Hispanic voters

Republican leaders will register voters, organize block walks, host movie nights and faith nights

SAN ANTONIO – The Republican National Committee is working to attract more Hispanic voters and has created a new Hispanic community center on the city’s Southeast Side.

“The Hispanic community represents the same values that the Republican Party stands for, smaller government, lower taxes,” said John Austin, Republican Party Chairman of Bexar County.

Connecting with local voters is what the new RNC Hispanic community center on Pecan Valley drive is all about. It’s where Republican leaders will register voters and host movie nights, faith nights and block walks.

“This is the party of freedom and opportunities, and most Hispanics came to this country fleeing from those socialist ideas that we had in our countries,” said Jaime Florez, RNC Hispanic Communications Director.

This is the third RNC Hispanic community center in South Texas. The others are in Laredo and McAllen.

“This is the first time that a Republican has been elected as mayor of McAllen. That’s very important for us. That’s one of the reasons why we opened a community center like this in McAllen and another one in Laredo,” Florez said.

Jon Taylor, professor of Political Science at UTSA said the Hispanic vote is incredibly important.

“From 2014 forward, Bexar County is most assuredly trending Democratic. So, this is a Republican attempt, and not just to try to to attract Hispanic voters, but a larger issue, which is to try to at least clamp down on Democratic gains and expansion within not just San Antonio and Bexar County, but within South Texas,” Taylor said.

Taylor said a center is not enough.

“You’ve got to have voter outreach. You’ve got to reach the right voters,” Taylor said.

Monday marks the first day of early voting for the November 2 Constitutional Amendment Election.

Voters will decide on eight state constitutional amendments and who will represent Texas House District 118.

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