Feeling the ‘baby blues’? You’re not alone with postpartum depression

Intense feeling of sadness common during first 1 to 3 weeks after giving birth

SAN ANTONIO – Many moms experience postpartum depression or the “baby blues”, and it’s usually a mix of depression and anxiety, caused by huge hormonal shifts after giving birth.

Thanks to our partnership with University Health, we were able to speak with Dr. Sarah VanArendonk, an assistant professor of Obgyn UT Health San Antonio who said many experience an intense feeling of sadness that is often common during the first one to three weeks after giving birth. It becomes a concern, however, if those feelings are keeping you from doing daily tasks.

“It actually happens to a lot of people. It’s just not something we always are talking about,” VanArendonk said. “It’s not your job to go through this alone. And so your gynecologist has been there for you your whole pregnancy and are here in this postpartum period. So I think number one is making sure that you are reaching out early and you know letting us know what’s going on, because it’s not your job to deal with this alone. In fact it’s ours.”

VanArendonk said the Center for Health Care Services and the National Alliance of Mental Health of San Antonio are two places that can help. Both can offer more information about postpartum depression.