Mistrial declared in murder trial involving death of H-E-B employee after defense argues state withheld evidence

Prosecutors say they recently discovered the new evidence

SAN ANTONIO – On Wednesday, a Bexar County District Court judge was presented with more details regarding her decision to declare a capital murder case a mistrial.

R.C. Curtis is the man accused of killing his wife’s grandmother, beloved H-E-B employee Paula Boyd, in 2015.

During the hearing, the defense argued that prosecutors presented new evidence too late in the trial. The new evidence included two DVDs that raised the possibility of more suspects being involved in Boyd’s murder.

The defense argued that the evidence may have been withheld as a possible clerical error but could exonerate Curtis.

The defense claimed the state was prejudiced against Curtis.

The prosecutors said they didn’t withhold any evidence, and they discovered it recently.

Another hearing is set for Nov. 22.

Judge Stephanie Boyd will decide then whether the case will be retried or dismissed.

Curtis remains behind bars.

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