Tech SA: UTSA facility providing cybersecurity training to businesses, schools, other organizations

UTSA’s Cyber Range provides cyber security training to businesses, governmental organizations, military units and schools.

SAN ANTONIO – Millions of cyber attacks are happening every day, and now businesses, schools and other organizations in San Antonio have an opportunity to do cybersecurity training at UTSA’s Cyber Range.

The facility teaches people on how to respond to and defend real world cybersecurity attacks.

“We have a catalog of different attacks. We can put them out, put them in front of a team or individual to go through and practice,” said Joe Mallen, director of Cyber Range.

Some training courses are a few hours, but others are held throughout several days.

“A cyber attack is basically an attack to a two-way computer or business resource. You have an attack against a computer system. The attacker usually has an intent to either steal data, disrupt services or maybe even use your own resources from within the company to create other attacks across the country. But they come in different forms. Obviously, ransomware is the most popular attack,” Mallen said.

Mallen said there is a strong emphasis nationwide to protect industrial control systems, like power plants and water plants.

“We actually have in our environment, a replica of an industrial control system, so we can simulate attacks against the plant and we can show how that would affect a water system or an energy system of some sort,” Mallen said.

To learn more about the Cyber Range, click here.

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