Here’s what not to post on social media according to experts

Roughly 800,000 people were robbed last year after making a social media posting

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire)– More than half the world now uses social media, 4.66 billion people are connected by the internet, but with all that, connection comes risk.

The federal bureau of investigations reports that last year, about 800,000 people were robbed after making a social media posting.

Here’s what you should never post online.

Never disclose details about an upcoming trip. This can be an invitation to rob your home. It’s best to post your vacation pics when you return.

Also, never share your full birthdate on your social media page. This is valuable data for identity thieves. Other personal information like your current location, your address, or your driver’s license should be off limits, too.

Be careful about those “fun quizzes” that ask questions about where you went to school or the names of your pets. This info can also be used by hackers. If you’re newly single, don’t post your relationship status online. This lets others know you might be home alone.

Don’t tag your children’s pictures with their names. This can be used by predators to lure kids. Finally, never gloat about a big purchase you made on social media. Telling everyone only makes it easier for people with bad intentions to steal it.

You might think that you’ve configured all of your privacy settings correctly, but your account or even your friends’ accounts can easily be hacked, which means the wrong people are able to access your info.

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