‘You can rot in jail!’ Children lash out at their father in court for killing their mother

Brian Ramos sentenced to 35 years in prison for shooting death of Josephine Ramos in April 2019

San Antonio – The children of a slain San Antonio woman had strong words for their father during his sentencing Monday morning. Brian Ramos was convicted in the murder of Josephine Ramos, his wife of 17 years.

“It is not fair that you get to stand here, and she doesn’t,” said the couple’s daughter. “You made a f****** bad decision and it is not fair!”

The daughter, along with her brother, stood before Ramos during victim impact statements.

“You exist,” she said as she wept. “You are standing right there! My mom is ashes now! I can’t even remember what my mom’s voice sounds like! You know how much that hurts? Of course, you don’t because your parents are still alive!”

Ramos was quickly arrested after police said he shot and killed his wife in a parking lot of a retail center off Goliad Road on April 1, 2019.

The fatal shooting happened a day before the couple’s divorce was set to be finalized.

“You could have left,” the daughter said. “We could have been living somewhere else, and you could have been visiting but you took that. You destroyed my mom’s life, and you thought you could play God and take it!”

Despite pleading no contest to a charge of murder, a judge found Ramos guilty and sentenced him to 35 years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

“I was 14! It is not fair that I have to graduate and none of my parents are there,” she said. “You can rot in jail and people can hurt you and you are going to finally know what that feels like! How you used to tell me actions have consequences, well not here you go!”

Ramos’ attorneys said he would be eligible for parole in 15 years.

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