San Antonio search and rescue group joins mission to find missing 3-year-old Lina Khil

The organization is searching right outside of SAPD’s search location minutes away from where Lina disappeared

San Antonio – A local search and rescue organization joined the San Antonio Police Department and the FBI in their mission to find Lina Khil, the 3-year-old who disappeared from an apartment complex’s playground.

On Wednesday, the Search and Rescue SATX organization hit the ground running at the Medical Center Field, about three minutes down the road from the Villas Del Cabo Apartments on Fredericksburg Road.

“We are expanding the search,” said Nina Glass, the organization’s director. “What SAPD is doing -- we are going outside of their search area and helping them.”

The organization even got its K9-Unit involved.

“We got an article of clothing from the family, so he is on a scent-tracking mission,” Glass said. “Everyone that is walking and doing a grid search is looking for anything. They have all seen what she was wearing, know she has a jacket and black shoes, so anything in that nature to say a child was coming through here.”

Volunteers made their way through thick brush during the search.

“We have long pants,” said Leticia Hernandez, one of the volunteers. “We have boots. We have the things to protect us, and we are traveling in pairs, so we don’t get lost.”

The search hit close to home for some volunteers.

“It is really scary because if I am in the store with one of my great-granddaughters and I lose them for a minute, it scares me,” said Marilyn Kruse, another volunteer. “My heart stops beating.”

“As a mother, I can only imagine what the family is feeling. But as a child, I can’t imagine being out here alone,” Hernandez said. “We are expecting some colder weather coming this Sunday, so it is pretty frightening.”

Glass said they are not 100% confident Lina is in the area they searched, but they hope to find any clues to help with the investigation.

If you are interested in joining a search with the organization, you can learn how on their Facebook page -- Search and Rescue SATX.

Glass said they are planning another search Thursday morning, and they believe Lina’s family will be joining them.

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