Rural counties surrounding San Antonio hit hard by omicron surge

Cases are rising but hospitalizations are low in some counties

Omicron COVID-19 cases are booming, not just in Bexar County, but in other rural counties surrounding San Antonio.

Comal County saw its largest daily case count since the start of the pandemic on Thursday, with 315 cases.

Uvalde County also saw a significant uptick, with 60 more cases reported on Friday. The county has seen 395 cases over the last week.

According to the county’s health authority, Dr. Jared Reading, although case numbers are high, hospitalizations are still low.

“Luckily omicron is not the same variant as delta or the original strain… they estimated about 20% needed a hospital for the first strain and the delta with omicron, we’re looking almost 1-2%,” said Dr. Reading.

Kendall County added 30 cases Friday. A Boerne spokesperson said they’ve seen an increase in cases and quarantines in city employees.

Luckily, it hasn’t caused issues with city services or first responder response times. Even with a spike in cases, one Kendall county man said he isn’t too worried.

“I think every community needs to do what they think is right for them and Boerne and this area I think people are taking precautions but they’re being reasonable and still want to get on with their lives so you have to balance everything,” said Edward Williamson, a Kendall County resident.

The increased cases did bring concerns to a few Boerne ISD students as well. They don’t want to fall back into virtual learning.

“We might have to go back to online school…,” said Luke Palmer, a student at Boerne Middle School North.

“Just the social aspect about it, ‘cause all your friends that you’re finally able to see after the lockdown for two years, it all just falls apart,” said John Trachta, a student at Boerne High School.

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