Search for 3-year-old Lina Khil nears one month mark

Lina was last seen at her family’s apartment on December 20th

SAN ANTONIO – It’s been nearly one month since 3-year-old Lina Sardar Khil was home safe with her family.

“We’re continuing to be there for the family and also, to keep Lina in our prayers,” Michael Martin, community outreach and public relations for the Islamic Center of San Antonio, said.

Martin said Lina’s family and their community are trying to stay positive, but after this long, it’s only grown to be more difficult.

“Based on what we hear from law enforcement, you know they talk about the time frames and the sooner they can get a lead, the sooner they can find some things out, the better,” Martin said.

For weeks, the Islamic Center has offered a reward of $100,000 for information that leads to Lina’s discovery.

At the beginning, tips were flowing in but that has changed.

“They have slowed in recent, uh recent weeks but if we get anything we still pass that along,” Martin said.

Search and Rescue SATX was out searching again on Saturday, looking throughout a wooded area for Lina, but the wind cut their efforts short.

“We could not bring our K-9 out today because he can’t smell with the wind going as fast,” said Nina Glass, the co-director of Search and Rescue SATX.

The group has regularly looked through the woods near Lina’s family’s home hoping to find her or something that sheds light on where she’s been.

“We cleared some more areas that we needed to clear within our 3-mile radius but we didn’t find anything,” Glass said.

Both organizations have vowed not to give up because Lina’s family deserves answers.

“Whether it’s a positive or negative outcome, at least it’s closure. It’s closure for the community, it’s closure for the family,” Martin said.

Search and Rescue SATX said it’ll be out again searching next week.

SAPD is still the lead agency in this investigation. If you know anything, give them a call at (210)207-7660.

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