Here are some of the best jobs so far in 2022

Employers are hiring; many people are moving on to new careers

For the first time in years, employees have leverage and are using it to either ask for more money, job flexibility or other perks; and in many cases, they are making a big change and moving on to a new career.

If you are thinking of making a switch, here are some of the best jobs in 2022 as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

Information security analyst tops the list with a median salary of more than $103,000. The positions are becoming critical as companies beef up cybersecurity and protect networks and systems.

Nurse practitioner ranks second with a median salary of more than $111,000. Physician assistant was third on the list. Its median salary is more than $115,000. In most cases, you will need a master’s degree for either one of those positions.  

Healthcare and tech jobs dominate the top 20 rankings, but also included on the list are lawyer and actuary, both of which have median salaries over $110,000.

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