Gun violence on the rise in San Antonio

12 people shot in 10 different shootings in last 3 days

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are seeing an increase in gun violence, having responded to at least 10 separate shootings in the last three days.

12 people have been shot, and while most are non life-threatening, a few people are in critical condition.

SAPD shared their crime report for 2021 earlier this year and it listed 160 homicides, the most in the city since 1994.

According to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, at least 85 out of the 160 have not been solved. He blames increased spontaneous and unorganized crime to be part of the issue.

“It seems that there are a lot of weapons out there, and people are very, very eager to pull a gun when there is some type of altercation,” said McManus, when the 2021 crime report was released.

John Dury, Vice-President of Durys Gun Shop, said it takes about 15 mins to go through the background check to purchase a gun. Although the process seems quick, Dury said it still makes sure the potential gun buyer is a law abiding citizen.

Dury doesn’t think current state gun laws and permit-less carry have anything to do with the increased use of gun violence.

“If somebody has the will in their head to do wrong, a law is not going to keep them from doing wrong,” Dury said.


About the Author:

John Paul Barajas is a reporter at KSAT 12. Previously, he worked at KRGV 5 in the Rio Grande Valley. He has a degree from the University of Houston. In his free time, he likes to get a workout in, spend time on the water and check out good eats and drinks.