‘These types of calls are a chief’s worst nightmare’: UCPD police officer dodges drunk driver

Officer Devante Smith was responding to another crash when a drunk driver crashed into his patrol unit

UNIVERSAL CITY, TEXAS – A Universal City police officer is lucky to be alive. Earlier this month, Officer Devante Smith was investigating a crash near Loop 1604 when another driver crashed into his patrol unit.

According to UCPD, the driver behind the wheel had been drinking.

“As I see it coming, I start running to get out of the way, to get out of the situation,” Smith recalled.

Smith said it was only a matter of seconds before his life was put on the line.

“I see this car coming, and it’s moving pretty fast. I can tell it’s moving pretty fast, and I think is it going to stop?” he said.

Dashcam video captured the heart-pounding moments. The patrol unit Smith was totaled.

“The shock set in but also action just so that I can save my life and also the driver to make sure he was safe too,” the officer said.

The driver was arrested and charged with a DWI. Last year UCPD reported a total of 52 DWI arrests and 21 of those involved a crash.

“These types of calls are a chief’s worst nightmare,” said UCPD police chief Johnny Siemens.

Siemens worries it happens too often.

“We 100 percent control the outcome in these if we start with the end in mine,” he said.

The officers suggest using a ride-sharing service or having a designated driver. With Fiesta fast approaching, they believe planning ahead is life-saving.

“I’m all for a good time but, there’s not reason to risk anyone’s life for that,” Smith said.

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