Plan ahead: Why parking is a nightmare around the Bexar County Courthouse

Jurors frustrated with parking situation

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County Courthouse is bustling again with in-person jury trials back in session, but it’s leading to frustration for some as parking is now limited.

“Just being back in court is excited but at the same time, it does present challenges to have so many people coming downtown at the same time,” 379th District Court Judge Ron Rangel said.

Not only is there construction to navigate through, but also a new federal courthouse in the same area.

The county said there are no current plans to add parking, but there is another option -- public transportation.

If you show your jury summons to a VIA bus driver, the ride is free.

Also, planning ahead is suggested.

As far as COVID-19 protocols at the courthouse, while more people are inside, they have a changed a little bit and are more relaxed.

“We’re still making sure that we’re not putting too many folks in a room,” Rangel said. “We’re still making sure that all protocols that are told to abide by the local health authority that we are definitely following.”

If you are feeling a bit uneasy, you can let court staff know and they can make accommodations to make you feel comfortable.

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