University Health partners with Safe2Save to reward undistracted drivers

Help keep yourself and others safe while racking up rewards that can be used at local businesses

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SAN ANTONIO – Most people know that texts and calls constitute as distracted driving. But so do eating, drinking, grooming, programing your vehicle’s navigation and music stations.

Anything that redirects your attention from keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes off the road is a distraction and TxDOT says every driver and passenger can be impacted by distracted driving regardless of age.

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Distracted driving is a dangerous trend that is becoming more common, statistics show.

In Texas in 2021, more than 400 deaths were attributed to drivers who were distracted.

“Drive Now. Text L8R,” a campaign developed by the University Hospital trauma team, advocates for safe driving and advises motorists to put their devices away when they are behind the wheel. The program also offers an interactive simulator and driving course.

Choosing to safely pull over and off the road before answering a text, call or email is a great and simple strategy for holding yourself accountable and help keep others safe.

Additionally, programming your device to mute these forms of communication while driving is also effective.

But University Health is taking it a step further. What if making these thoughtful decisions leads to rewarding the driver for safe behavior?

University Health and have partnered to support a safer community and elevate awareness through the Safe2Save mobile app.

Downloading the app and setting it up is straightforward.

The app launches once a driver reaches 10 mph and points begin to accumulate for every minute of undistracted driving.

“Don’t Tech and Drive” is a prompt the driver will receive should they attempt to send messages or use an unapproved app.

The user can later redeem the points they have accrued at their favorite local and online participating business of choice.

Safe2Save goes beyond rewarding the driver by extending their program opportunities to teens, communities and employers. Group competitions are a popular choice waging who can drive the least distracted.

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