Texas mom creates crowdsourcing map to help parents find baby formula during shortage

‘Fighting the Formula Shortage’ map lets parents indicate stores where formula is in stock

Houston mom Marcela Young created a crowdsourcing map called “Fighting the Formula Shortage.” (KSAT)

HOUSTON – The nationwide baby formula shortage has some parents desperately searching stores. Now, one Texas mom is using crowdsourcing to help parents find the formula they need.

Marcela Young told Houston’s KPRC that when the shortages started, she wanted to help find a solution. So she created a crowdsourcing map called “Fighting the Formula Shortage.”

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It lets users drop a pin on the map to indicate a store where baby formula is in stock. It also lets someone mark the map if they’re in need of it or have some to give away.

“You can put on the map the H-E-B that you’re at, as well as pictures of what formulas that you’re seeing on the shelves,” Young told KPRC.

The nationwide map is bringing parents together and helping different generations connect.

“You’re hearing all kinds of stories of examples of how it was for them when they had children,” Bean said. “I even had some pins in Alaska at one point.”

Young has created social media pages to provide information and help parents connect:

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