A San Antonio area school, business collecting plush toys for students at Robb Elementary School

Briscoe Elementary has partnered with Gold Coffee Shop

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio elementary school and business are coming together to support the students in Uvalde in a unique way.

Briscoe Elementary School is collecting plush toys for students at Robb Elementary School.

10-year-old Michael Garcia was touched by the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School and put his feelings on paper.

“Due to the tragedy that occurred in Uvalde Briscoe has partnered with Gold to donate stuffed animals to give to every child that was affected this week. We hope this small action will find comfort and safety to these students. I know Briscoe Bears can’t reverse time, but Briscoe will help in a different way. We will send those stuffed animals to the students in Uvalde, not just for safety and comfort, but for love,” Garcia said.

Michael’s school, Briscoe Elementary, has partnered with Gold Coffee Shop to collect Plush toys to the students in Uvalde.

“I feel very excited and happy that my school is doing this because we can help so many children that were affected by this tragedy,” Garcia said.

The goal is to collect one plush toy for each student at Robb Elementary School.

Head of School at Briscoe Elementary, Jennifer Emerson, said it’s been an emotional week.

“Lots of tears, lots of hugs, reassurances, we’re getting through it,” Emerson said.

The tragedy in Uvalde was personal for some teachers.

“We have two teachers at Briscoe Elementary who have family members that attend Rob Elementary and that brought it really close to home,” Emerson said.

As the school year comes to an end, Garcia hopes these plush toys will a bring a smile to another students face.

“Those students will always be remembered and I just hope we can help them by sending them toy plushes,” Garcia said.

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