Families of Uvalde school shooting victims express more financial aid needed soon

Family of survivor tells KSAT they’re struggling to stay afloat

SAN ANTONIO – The parents of a student who survived the Uvalde school shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead and many others injured say they’re barely staying afloat financially.

The family, who wished to remain anonymous, said they don’t think the financial assistance they’re receiving is enough.

“We’re lost. We don’t know who to ask. We don’t know where to go to,” said the student’s mother.

The mother said she isn’t sure how to get more help. She said her family is a single-income household with three kids. Her husband hasn’t gone back to work since the tragedy.

Their son was shot in the leg and must go to physical therapy and counseling for the mental trauma. Meanwhile, bills are piling up.

“Our savings is already almost gone. Like I was saying earlier, I got to get back to work,” said the child’s father.

The parents of the Robb Elementary School student said the only financial assistance they’ve received is $1,400 for lost wages. They said the money helped a little, but it’s not nearly enough to live off of for the time being.

State Sen. Roland Gutierrez said that money came from the Victims of Crime Act, or VOCA.

“The VOCA statute allows a claimant as much as $50,000. Unfortunately, we’re not even scratching the surface of that,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez and Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin sent Gov. Greg Abbott a letter this week asking for the Texas Department of Emergency Management to take over victims’ services for Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee.

The letter states, “The district attorney’s office is not equipped or staffed to provide these services.”

The letter also said more families need assistance, with one family nearly having their power cut off.

While some families experience financial hardships, Gutierrez said the Robb School fund that is collecting money for families will not be distributing money to victims until August or September.

KSAT contacted the Uvalde County DA’s Office and the governor’s office multiple times for comment. We have not heard back.


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