TxDOT unveils walking billboards in effort to encourage drivers and pedestrians to follow rules of the road

Billboards will be worn by TxDOT’s street team

SAN ANTONIO – It’s deadly trend that continues to go in the wrong direction, as according to TxDOT, in 2021 there were close to 90 deadly crashes that involved a pedestrian in the San Antonio area.

The state agency wants to make sure that drivers and pedestrians share responsibility on the road. Traffic safety officials gathered outside Main Plaza on Thursday for a “Be Safe. Drive Smart.” pedestrian campaign.

TxDOT’s street team will be wearing traffic billboards at high traffic areas across the state. The goal is to remind drivers the rules of the road and why it’s important to watch for others.

According to TxDOT, pedestrians account for 1 in 5 traffic deaths here in Texas. Elliot Smith knows too well of the pain.

His wife Lisa was killed after she was hit by a vehicle while walking their six-year old son Logan to school. Lisa was in a crosswalk.

She and Logan were taken to a nearby hospital. Logan was seriously hurt but survived his injuries, however Lisa did not make it.

“That day we lost a wife and a mother of two children, leaving a gaping hole in our family. I have a message for Texas drivers. Our family asks you that you be a more considerate driver than you have been in the past. Put your phones away. Slow down and pay attention,” Elliot said.

San Antonio police have reported more than 30 deadly crashes where a pedestrian was involved.

The walking billboards will also be outside the Pearl Brewery between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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