Travelers at San Antonio airport experiencing delays, cancellations ahead of holiday weekend

Weather may play a factor this weekend for those traveling around Texas

SAN ANTONIO – The travel industry is trying to get back on track as the Labor Day holiday weekend kicks off.

Fifty-five thousand flights in the U.S. since the Friday before Memorial Day and nearly a quarter of U.S. flights overall have been delayed this summer, according to FlightAware.

Travelers at the San Antonio International Airport seem to have experienced a little bit of everything as of Friday afternoon.

From the worst-case scenario...

“Rain in Dallas delayed it two hours because there’s ground stoppage, then the plane arrived from Dallas delayed, and then the computer system crash and they can’t get it fixed today, and they have no backup planes. Just going to stay home and not make the trip now,” said Mariah Peters.

To the bad...

“Our flight’s originally at 4:30, then 4:40, and on the way here it’s 4:55, so we’re a little stressed out about that,” said Nancy Murphy.

To the good...

“Everything’s been great. This is a great airport,” said Peter Voors.

The long holiday weekend is just getting started, but airlines are hopeful there won’t be too many disruptions.

Spokesperson Patricia Mancha with TSA Texas explains, unfortunately, weather in our area could cause problems.

“There is a storm on the horizon. There’s a tropical storm that’s actually impacting travel. If you have flights out of San Antonio, DFW, connections, Houston, the state of Texas and some of the surrounding states, weather may impact travel schedules,” said Mancha.

For those traveling by car, the national price for gas per gallon is $3.80.

In Texas, it’s slightly cheaper at $3.20. Although, our Marilyn Moritz spotted gas at just $2.97 a gallon at a Valero off Bandera Road.

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