South Texas communities memorialize 9/11 in day of remembrance

Communities engage in events honoring the 2,977 people killed in terror attacks of September 11, 2001

SOUTH TEXAS – 9/11 is known as a dedicated time to commune with loved ones for prayer and remembrance.

People across the U.S. took time on Sunday to reflect on the terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of thousands.

In South Texas, VFW Post 76, the oldest post in the state, the veterans there took the day to honor two army veterans who were inside the Pentagon at the time of the attacks. One of the women is 17-year Army veteran Corey Schultz, who served in Iraq following the attacks.

“I was waiting for an elevator to come when beneath my feet, and American Airlines flight 77 went through the second floor of the Pentagon, destroyed the Navy command center, which was where I was headed,” Schultz said.

The other woman honored at the event was 26-year Army veteran Monica Morris, who served in Afghanistan following the attacks.

“When the plane hit, the impact, the wave just came right through the wall. All of us that were sitting along the wall were knocked on to the floor,” she said.

Officials with the VFW Post 76 are offering services to anyone experiencing PTSD or depression related to 9/11. For more information click here.


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