YouTube stars team with SA firm for new corporate HQ and entertainment destination

Dude Perfect's proposed headquarters and entertainment destination will feature a 330-foot tower. (Overland/Dude Perfect via San Antonio Business Journal)

Dude Perfect, the Frisco-based sports/entertainment group that has amassed more than 58 million subscribers on YouTube, revealed plans to leave its current location for a new corporate HQ and entertainment destination that will feature a 330-foot tower.

Dude Perfect partnered with San Antonio-based architecture firm Overland Partners for the project, which could reach nine figures. The group is exploring potential municipal partners across the country for the venue and plans to announce a location in the near future.

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Dude Perfect’s five co-founders and owners — Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and twins Cory and Coby Cotton — all hail from Texas and “would love for it to be nearby,” Coby Cotton said. “That said, we are exploring all different options and we’ve had a lot of interest from different cities.”

Overland Senior Principal Bryan Trubey said Los Angeles and Atlanta are among those cities. Cotton said they expect the project to take about two years to complete once construction begins. The group said it will relocate from its current location in Frisco to wherever its Overland project lands.

Dude Perfect began working with Overland on conceptual designs for the project over a year ago. The venue’s boldest planned feature is the 330-foot tower, which projects from the site as a vertical expression of the brand known for its improbable trick shots. The space will give fans the chance to attempt an improbable trick shot of their own. “When you can create a physical representation of what makes a brand so iconic, that’s enormously powerful,” Trubey said. “It was absolutely the right move for us, in terms of basing the physical destination around that.”

Inside the venue, the design concept includes three stories of attractions, including a Dude Perfect Museum that will chronicle the group’s origin story. Restaurants, merchandise, water features and outdoor attractions will round out the visitor experience on the multi-acre site.

Editor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between KSAT and the San Antonio Business Journal.

Click here to read view images of the project and read the full story in the San Antonio Business Journal.

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