Fort Worth man called ‘Edward Scissorhands’ after secretly trimming neighbors’ trees, report says

The man’s true identity is unknown, but neighbors want him to stop

A generic image of shears used for tree trimming. (Pixabay)

FORT WORTH, Texas – A man in a Fort Worth neighborhood is reportedly sneaking around in the middle of the night wrecking havoc, but maybe not in a way you would expect.

Neighbors told CBS DFW last week that he is secretly trimming their trees, and they’re referring to him as “Edward Scissorhands.”

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The man’s true name is unknown, but neighbors told CBS DFW that they’ve caught him in the act around 3 a.m. on surveillance video.

“He starts trimming the tree and admiring his work and kind of stepping back,” Danny Thomann told CBS DFW. “We really just want him to stop doing this.”

Neighbors claim the man has already trimmed nearly a dozen trees on three streets and it can become costly due to HOA regulations.

“We’re all liable for those trees per our HOA, so if something happens to the tree everybody is paying hundreds of dollars per tree to replace them,” neighbor Ashley Thomann told CBS DFW.

CBS DFW reports that neighbors have filed police reports and investigators are working to identify him. It’s unknown if he’ll face any charges.

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