‘Very loving’: Irma Garcia remembered for being like ‘Superwoman’

Irma’s husband, Joe, also remembered for being ‘family man’

Editor’s note: This article is part of a KSAT 12 special project Remembering the Victims of the Robb Elementary School.

They call her a hero. She was one of two teachers who was killed in Uvalde on May 24th, while protecting her students.

But the people closest to Mrs. Irma Garcia said she was so much more.

“My mom was a very loving person, who went above and beyond,” said daughter, Alysandra Garcia, 13.

The teen is one of Mrs. Garcia’s four children.

“Her presence made every day special,” said Velma Lisa Duran, Mrs. Garcia’s sister.

Throughout the Uvalde community, Mrs. Garcia was also known for being an extraordinary teacher who loved her students.

Her sister said she spoke about them often. Duran also said that Mrs. Garcia always had a nurturing quality about her.

“Even my earliest memories of her…growing up. She was always compassionate…[growing up] as kids [she was] always the motherly kind,” said Duran.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Garcia’s family suffered another loss two days after the beloved mother and teacher of 23 years was killed.

Her husband, Joe Garcia, died of a heart attack May 26th. Duran told KSAT the couple was always united.

“It is hard to speak about my sister without adding like my brother, Joe…he took care of us all. He was always there for all of us. Irma shared him with us all. And it was like one big happy family.”

Alysandra Garcia hopes people remember both of her parents for the example they set for their children.

“My parents…taught me and my siblings to be honest and loving people. And they were so selfless. They gave their all,” said Alysandra Garcia.

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