West Side cultural arts organization offers free art workshops

San Anto Cultural Arts to begin class December 5 for drawing, painting, photography and more

SAN ANTONIO – A cultural arts organization is working with San Antonio’s youth to help tell their stories and experiences through art.

“It’s all about uplifting our youth and local artists through community based arts, introducing them to the ways art can heal you,” said Cassidy Fritts, community mural and public art program coordinator for San Anto Cultural Arts.

Since 1993, the organization on the West Side has been creating art. They have created more than 50 murals in San Antonio.

The program impacts the lives of thousands in San Antonio and next week, they are starting a new workshop.

“We have local artists who are going to come in and work with the students to introduce them to new techniques, new art projects, new ways of expressing themselves,” Fritts said.

Local artist Sheila Vasquez will be teaching the students how to create holiday and new year pinatas.

“It’s important to teach our culture and to teach kids to be creative. Not just kids, but all ages,” Vasquez said.

The workshops are open to youths ages nine to 19, starting Dec. 5 at the San Anto Cultural Arts facility on 2120 El Paso Street.

The organization hopes to continue changing lives.

“There’s all kinds of great artists that have come out of San Antonio that grew up in our program. Some have even come back to us and are now staff,” Cuauhtli Reyna, El Placazo community newspaper coordinator said.

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