Thieves steal $5K worth of property, use victim’s porch as restroom

The homeowner said it is not just about the items taken and money lost but also the breach of privacy.

SAN ANTONIO – The victims of a garage break-in say they feel violated and disrespected after suspects broke in and used their back porch as a bathroom.

Security cameras caught the suspects, but authorities still have not.

“They’re violating my privacy, my security, and my family’s privacy and security. Then they’re doing that; I wouldn’t ever do that to anyone. Who thinks to do that? You could have gone in the grass.” said Ryan Battle, the homeowner.

Battle said his garage in the River Road neighborhood was broken into on December 27th.

Two suspects spent roughly 20 minutes in his garage and around his home. They took multiple toolboxes full of tools, packages from the front porch, and a bike of great sentimental value.

Battle estimates the property stolen totals close to $5,000.

“They took the thing that probably is of the least use to them… value or otherwise, those things are hard to resell but the most pain to me,” said Battle.

He explained that the break-in is not just about the items taken and money lost but also the breach of privacy.

“It’s far more aggravating and angering… just have people in your stuff like they have some right to be there,” said Battle.

Battle has filed a report with San Antonio Police and is offering his own reward of $500 per suspect that gets arrested. He hopes someone can identify the two suspects in the video or the dark-colored Kia Soul with a rear driver-side window broken.

Anyone with information that may lead to an arrest is asked to contact SAPD or email Battle at

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