WATCH: KSAT Community Town Hall: Heart Health Month

Allysa Cole spoke with cardiologist, Dr. Anderson and dietitian, Carlie Hill about heart disease and the toll it takes on our overall health.

SAN ANTONIO – Your heart is roughly the size of your fist and is responsible for circulating blood and carrying nutrients throughout the human body.

It is the hardest working muscle and most important organ, but it is also very vulnerable; one missed beat could lead to very serious circumstances.

Your heart works eagerly to support you, so how passionate are you about supporting your heart?

Community experts and healthcare professionals weighed in on heart health during our KSAT Community town hall on Thursday that was hosted KSAT reporter Allysa Cole. She was joined by Dr. Allen Anderson, Chief of Cardiology at University Health and UT Health San Antonio and Carlie Hill, a dietitian and educator for University Health. Medina ISD Police Chief Abel Devora, a heart attack survivor, also participated in the town hall.

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Stephanie Leonard is the Special Events Coordinator for KSAT Community. She enjoys writing and producing video and digital content.

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