‘Robb-ed’ documentary will not be shown in Uvalde

The film was set to premiere February 3rd in Uvalde at the Forum 6 Theatre

UVALDE – A documentary on the Robb Elementary school shooting will no longer be shown in a Uvalde movie theater after outrage from the victims’ families.

Many of them saw the film before its official release on Friday.

Before the airing of what’s now being called a controversial documentary, families of the Robb victims signed cease and desist orders for the film’s director Charlie Minn.

“I don’t want this video out. I don’t want it out,” Felicha Martinez, Xavier Lopez’s mom said.

“I don’t either. It’s going to bring back memories and we don’t want that. Horrible memories,” Evadulia Orta, Rojelio Torres’ mom added.

Most of the families watched ‘Robb-ed’ for the first time today.

The documentary includes interviews from six child survivors in room 112.

They shared graphic details of what they experienced and saw, details that Felicha and Evadulia didn’t want to hear about the last moments of their sons Xavier and Rojelio.

“Hearing the kids’ stories...” Felicha said.

“It’s bringing us back to that day,” Evadulia finished.

Ruben Torres Jr.’s daughter Khloie shared her story of survival and her 911 calls were played twice.

While he understands why the families of victims don’t want the movie to forward, he does.

”I think it needs to be out there, especially here in our community so they can see you know, the failures of the law enforcement, the school system,” Torres Jr. said.

“I regret not researching on this man before doing an interview, that’s my greatest regret,” Felicha said.

A week prior, many of the victims’ families started speaking out about the film online stating they believe they were misled by Minn.

The backlash prompted this statement from San Antonio-based theater chain Santikos.

“After consulting with the city of Uvalde we learned that investigations into this tragedy are ongoing. Also, considering all the families involved and affected by this horrific act, and the recency of the entire incident, we have concluded it is inappropriate to show this film at this time.”

Santikos Entertainment

Minn defended his work and says ‘Robb-ed’ is victim driven and does not mention the killer’s name.

“I don’t expect them to like the film. Who would like a film that talks about their sons or daughters being murdered. To me the most important thing as a documentary filmmaker is do they understand the film and are they more informed,” Minn said.

When asked about the criticism, Minn says he stands by his film.

WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: Film director Charlie Minn on ‘Robb-ed’ documentary

Meanwhile, the victims’ families say they will continue to fight its release. They hope instead of watching it, people will take the time to learn about their loved ones.

“My child’s life revolves around the baseball games, the basketball games, the playing football with his brothers. That’s what my son’s life revolves around. Happiness,” Felicha said.

“Playing with his family, playing with the kids, his cousins” Evadulia added.

“Not that, not sadness,” Felicha finished.

The owner of Forum 6 Theatres in Uvalde posted this statement Monday night.

“After talking to and reading feedback from the family members impacted by the tragedy last year, I have decided we will not play Robb-Ed at our theatre. The only reason we were going to play the movie is because we were presented with information that all the families that participated in the film wanted the feature shown, that is no longer the case, therefor we have pulled the movie from our schedule.”

Jacob Henson, Forum 6 Theatres owner

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