State Sen. Roland Gutierrez announces legislation aimed to increase school safety, create monument for shooting victims

AUSTIN – State Sen. Roland Gutierrez announced a package of bills aimed to prevent mass shootings to the Texas Senate on Tuesday.

The new bills aim to fix radio interoperability in rural counties, increase school safety, improve emergency response protocols between state and local public safety entities, and create a monument to mass shooting victims in the Texas State Cemetery.

Gutierrez spoke about creating a Texas School Patrol consisting of 10,000 officers, with at least one officer present at every public school campus and higher education facility.

Funding for the bills would total $4 billion, and the senator says the state has the money.

Additionally, Gutierrez also made an appropriations request to provide funding for safety measures in schools and mental health care, a press release said.

The announcement is the second of what are several expected packages related to Uvalde legislation.

Previously, Gutierrez introduced legislation that focused on increasing state and local accountability, removing qualified immunity, and providing compensation for affected survivors and families.

The senator said he’ll be hosting press conferences weekly and will be joined by families of mass shooting victims in Texas.

Next week’s conference will be about emergency management and preparedness, and finally, gun safety solutions will be the following week.

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