More gun reform legislation presented by state Sen. Gutierrez alongside Uvalde families

To date, there have been 100+ mass shootings in 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive

AUSTIN – Several families of the Uvalde victims were in Austin alongside state Sen. Roland Gutierrez on Tuesday, marking the fourth time he has presented a packet of legislation that aims to protect children from gun violence.

“In Texas, someone is shot to death every two hours,” state Sen. Sarah Eckhardt said. “Death by gunshot is the leading cause of death among Texas children.”

A week after a massive gun violence prevention rally, families of the Uvalde victims were back in Austin with Gutierrez as he presented more gun reform legislation.

“What they’re asking for is at least the very minimum in this state. And it’s the minimum which establishes an age restriction, which establishes databases for ammo purchases,” Gutierrez said.

Added to that asking list on Tuesday were five bills.

Senate bill 1737: Ban on expanding bullets.

SB 1736: Closes gun show loopholes.

SB 1740: Expands gun storage and safety requirements.

SB: 1739: Life without parole for school shooters.

Rosie Yanas Stone, who lost her son Chris during the Santa Fe High School shooting, wrote to Gutierrez about SB 1739.

“She says ‘My son will never get eligibility for life, why should a school murderer?’” Gutierrez said, reading her words.

SB 1738: Automatic suspension of law enforcement involved in the shooting of a child.

Brett Cross, Uziyah Garcia’s guardian, calls SB 1738 Uziyah’s law.

“I’m so tired of everything being politicized. This isn’t a left thing. This isn’t a right thing. This is just damn common sense,” Cross said.

Uziyah was killed along with his classmates and teachers at Robb Elementary on May 24, 2022.

Their families are standing together, vowing not to let another child face the same fate.

“Common-sense gun safety solutions -- they’re not asking for the moon and the stars,” Gutierrez said.

Since the start of the season, Gutierrez and several of his colleagues have filed 21 pieces of legislation related to gun reform for the 21 lives taken at Robb.

The deadline to file new pieces of legislation is this Friday.


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